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The Cobalt Group

The Cobalt Group

Automotive marketing is experiencing a trans-formative shift to on-line media, at both the manufacturer and dealer level. Cobalt, North America’s leading provider of automotive marketing services, is uniquely qualified to assist automotive leaders at every level of the industry in their ability to succeed with digital marketing, regardless of the economic climate.

For over 14 years, Cobalt’s exclusive mission has been to help automobile dealers and manufacturers increase their retailing effectiveness and profits. With a comprehensive set of digital marketing solutions including rich-media display ads and search, plus a superior service organization that works in tandem with the technology, the company continues to excel at that endeavor.

Cobalt has relationships with two-thirds of the world’s major automotive manufacturers. That translates to well over 50% of the automotive dealerships in the United States, as well as automotive dealers in Canada and Mexico, entrusting Cobalt with some component of their digital marketing.

At Cobalt we believe you should demand two to three times the mileage from your marketing dollar as you do today. With the industry’s most complete digital marketing services, no one else is as knowledgeable, or committed, to providing your business with the tools and hands-on assistance needed to create and convert more sales for less money.

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