A ‘Pinteresting’ Experiment: The Case of the Pink Car

By Kayla Schafer on May 3, 2012


 Mini Series: Part 4, Final Episode. 

Putting together everything we have learned in this miniseries, I created a little experiment. I created a “Car” Board on my Pinterest profile to see what kind of results I would get. I posted 2 “beefy” trucks and 2 classic cars. I added hash tags like #ClassicCars, #CustomTruck, #Chevy and #ChevySilverado to see if this would help in search visibility. The results are in-and they surprised me!


Here’s the verdict: my classic pink car got 2 likes and 21 “repins” in the four hours since it’s been posted. It’s my most successful pin to date. In the four weeks since posting, the total stats are 12 likes and 68 “repins.” My trucks were more of a slow boil. Currently, the white truck received 38 “repins,” where as the red truck only has 6 “repins.”

Slowly, I added in other vehicles to see how they would perform. Check out the image below.


Toyota Celica: An Overnight Celebrity


Yesterday afternoon, I posted the new 2012 Toyota Celica rumored to hit the market this year. Overnight, this pin got 12 likes, 1 comment and 47 repins. What does this mean for your dealership? Volume and visibility! The more people that “repin” your image, the more likely it is that that person’s followers are going to see the pin and potentially “repin” or like the image, therefore increasing brand visibility.

Compare these results to familiar sites like Facebook or Twitter. When was the last time you got 21 likes on Facebook in the span of a single morning, or 21 retweets in the afternoon? This gives you an idea of the true explosive reach of Pinterest, and why it’s a must for car dealers to set up a drool-worthy candy store on the Internet’s most active new playground.

In conclusion, Pinterest can be a great asset to a dealership. Like in the case of my pink classic car pin, a dealership can post images on Pinterest and inspire new visitors. If that pink car was linked to my dealership website, we could potentially drive 21 new visitors (and potentially new customers) to the website in just four hours. Not too shabby!

If you would like to see my “Cool Cars” pinboard follow me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/kaylacobalt/


Kayla Schafer, Digital Advertising Specialist, has worked in digital for the past 4 years. Her specialties include social media, search engine marketing and account management. Kayla’s first car was a 1982 Datsun 280Z Turbo, 5 speed, color red.
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