Rules of the Road: Best Practices for Pinterest

A Mini Series, Part 3

Now that we’ve gotten the creative juices flowing, here are some best practices before you start “pinning” away.

1)      Do not self-promote or blatantly advertise your dealership. Keep the content light and fun. The goal is to showcase your dealership’s character so people can identify with you and/or your brand.

2)      Make your images search engine-friendly by incorporating hashtags. However, avoid “overhashing!” A rule of thumb is to only use the two or three best hashtags that describe the image (any more than that and it will look like spam-gasp!) For example, some good hashtags would be: #CustomChevy #MuscleCar. #LittleRedCorvette

3)      Again, I must reiterate the importance of high quality photos. Car shopping is a very visual experience, so make your Pinterest boards into virtual candy stores for your dealership. The better the quality of the images, the more your brand will stand out. In addition to high-quality photos, use vehicles with bright or unique colors, such as pink, yellow or red, as well as images with contrasting colors to help the image POP in the Pinterest dashboard.

4)      If the vehicle is on your lot, place the image on your website or blog and then ‘pin it’ so you are the source and can drive traffic from Pinterest through the established link. (Note: “Pinning” directly from Facebook is not available at this time.)

 Here is a great example of a Lexus dealership building their brand on Pinterest.  

ImageThis GM dealer is using Pinterest by labeling their “Boards” after their vehicle line-up such as Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu, Camaro, Volt as well as Cadillac and Buick models too. In addition to the vehicles, they are using other “Board” as creative pieces to give their dealership some local flavor and personality by including “Boards” called GM Classics, Ontario (where they are located), Travel and so forth. 

Once you have created your “Boards”, users can interact and “repin” these images, thus creating greater brand equity in a fun new visual way.

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