Google Announces Cobalt/ADP AdWords Premier SMB Partner Status

Cobalt One of Elite Automotive Marketing Vendors Selected for Google Distinction

Today, Google announced that Cobalt has been selected as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. Cobalt is one of the few automotive marketing providers to receive this distinction.

“We are excited to launch the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program with hand-picked, highly qualified companies like Cobalt/ADP,” said Ben Wood, Head of Google’s Americas channel sales partnership in a press announcement, “Automotive dealers will not only benefit from Cobalt’s in-depth training, but from their years of relationship in the local market.”

The Google partnership is the latest testament to Cobalt’s sophisticated digital advertising capabilities. Cobalt’s unique automotive paid search program is driven by a Bid Optimization System (BOS) which drives the very best monthly performance for an individual dealer or across a network of dealerships. It is the only system on the market, in any vertical, that manages budgets on pre and post-click performance across multiple channels (i.e. Paid Search and Display).

“We are honored that Google has again recognized the value created by Cobalt’s innovative and unique digital advertising platform,” said Max Steckler, Vice President of Advertising Solutions. “This recognition is further evidence that Cobalt Digital Advertising Solutions are industry-leading in their ability to provide a seamless, integrated experience for consumers throughout their buying journey resulting in qualified buyers to dealers and their manufacturer partners.”

“We are proud to be recognized for our  full spectrum online advertising program,” said Charles Tilton, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Advertising. “Our integrated solution enables us to optimize across channels, deliver dynamic content based on consumer behavior, and gives us access to media that would otherwise be unavailable to the average dealership.”

To learn more about the benefits of Cobalt’s unique digital advertising integration capabilities, watch this video from Google’s “Think Voices” Series, featuring Max Steckler, VP of Display Advertising:

Learn more  about Cobalt’s Premier SMB Partner Status here:


Dealer Raves: How Cobalt’s Digital Ad Package Made Suntrup Auto Group Number One

   In the October issue of Digital Dealer Magazine, Liz Kelly, E-Commerce Director of Suntrup Automotive Group and a ten-year Cobalt customer, took time to sing Cobalt’s praises. Here are some highlights:

That’s just a peek at this awesome dealer testimonial. To find out why Kelly loves her ADP digital tools, and how her ProCare Advocate David Van Fleet provides invaluable expertise, check out the full story.

Fast Lane: Digital Dealer 2011 Booth

ADP Digital Marketing/Cobalt wins a 2011 Pinnacle Award

On Friday, ADP Digital Marketing/Cobalt won a 2011 Pinnacle Award at the Automotive Website Awards (AWA) hosted by PCG Marketing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The Pinnacle Award is the highest recognition possible, according to PCG President Brian Pasch. Pasch stated, “Pinnacle Platform winners deliver outstanding digital marketing platforms for car dealers and show an unprecedented attention to detail in live production.”

Pasch elaborated on the dramatic enhancements to ADP Digital Marketing/Cobalt’s digital solution in the printed awards book, saying, “The biggest surprise of this year is the improvements delivered by the new ADP|Cobalt website platform. The design and engineering team at ADP|Cobalt made a strong investment in their website platform that we recognize and reward with their inclusion in the search marketing award list.
The ADP|Cobalt digital marketing platform is rapidly expanding and includes products and services that cover social media, reputation management and enhanced analytics…The dramatic changes in site architecture that have been completed this year are impressive.”

Greg Meyer, Vice President of Technology for ADP/Cobalt responded to the win, saying “I would like to thank our dealer partners who have provided input and review of our new solutions, their insight has been instrumental. This recognition is a significant milestone on the merger of The Cobalt Group and ADP Digital Marketing and a reflection of what is to come as we continue to gain momentum with our ground breaking digital marketing solutions.”

Read the full announcement from PCG Marketing here.

Bringing the Party to Seattle

"Who knew there was such a thing as human foosball?"

"Who knew there was such a thing as human foosball?"

“Who knew there was such a thing as human foosball?  And who knew ADP Digital Marketing Services associates would be so good at it?”

Monique LaFollette, an instructor on the Learning and Development team, has had a few new experiences in her eight weeks here, but the “tailgate party” for the entire Seattle-based Services organization has to be a highlight so far.  From Account Advocates who work proactively with our customers to website builders, from search engine experts to managers, everyone was invited to shut down their laptops and put their phones on hold to have some fun outside nearby Pyramid Alehouse.

It was the first such gathering since the Services team moved from the Lynnwood office to the new office in downtown Seattle.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite sports team colors, and the festivities included lots of excellent food, root beer on tap, a push-and-pull variation on basketball…and yes, human foosball.

Don’t believe us? That’s OK, we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Monique, ready to rumble!

Monique, ready to rumble!

Monique, one of the Services organization’s newest members, was there to see it all.

“Every player (and observer) I saw was cheering – and smiling – and pretty much going for it in a full-throttle way. Within minutes, most contestants (even the ones wearing flip-flops, and even the ones who’d just ingested their body weight in brats, burgers, and beverages) were mastering some pretty fine foosball skills – bank shots, lobbed balls, and back-passes to members of their team. Who could have predicted such agility? Who could have foreseen such sporting tenacity?”

Getting a little help from your friends isn't against the rules...right?

Getting a little help from your friends isn't against the rules...right?

“Emotions (and heart rates) were definitely running high as the scores crept toward the cutoff point in the inflatable arena. Watching my co-workers fiercely focus, yanking on their tethered lines while positioning themselves in creative manners to get their toe on the bouncy rubber ball quicker than the opposing team, it was clear that everyone was agreed on one thing: we’re here to have fun, and we’re here to WIN. No matter what it takes!”

“It’s pretty cool, having been here just two months, to see the culture of this organization show up in a crazy game of human foosball. From what I’ve observed, this spirited sense of “can-do” and creative partnership isn’t something unique to the foosball arena. It’s part of who we are. I’ve listened to it in huddles, I’ve seen it play out in meetings, and I’ve watched it as people help each other solve problems on the job. We work hard, we get creative, and we have fun doing it – even if it makes us sweat a little.”

Sports jerseys were the dress code of the day (not strictly enforced, though).

Sports jerseys were the dress code of the day (not strictly enforced, though).

“In fact, a lot of what I saw at the Services tail-gate party isn’t an uncommon sighting in the office: lots of fun, a lot of laughter, lots of mingling, and a very pronounced amount of sports jerseys…especially the sports jerseys.”

“I can’t wait until the next off-site event! I’m already hungry.”

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