Sexy Dealer Website Rule 4: “Avatar-ize” Your Automotive Website

Paul Nagy, Vice President of Core Products at ADP Digital Marketing

A Rich Digital Experience Leads to More Money in Dealers’ Pockets

Welcome to the final chapter in our sexy dealer website series.  The final quality of a sexy dealer website is that it makes online shopping as real and dimensional as the experience on a showroom floor. “Think Avatar,” Paul Nagy, Vice President of Core Products at ADP Digital Marketing said. “Think about something so rich and dimensional, the consumer could almost reach out and touch it. That’s the goal. That’s where we’re headed.”

Sexy Dealer Website Checklist

In-Depth Inventory. To offer that rich consumer experience, exploit your user inventory showcase to your fullest advantage. “Don’t just put up a few perfunctory images and call it a day,” Andy Largent, Senior Product Manager at ADP Digital Marketing advises. “Get intentional about creating an immersive experience. Incorporate multiple views of each vehicle and ensure a quote request form is always displayed so consumers can take that next step while they’re still captivated.”

Genuine Representations. While you want to put your best foot forward, an important part of creating a “real” online shopping experience is accurately marketing your inventory. As you write your vehicle description, be sure to accurately represent the condition, appearance and history of your vehicles. The buyer is going to find out when they arrive anyway, so it’s best to honest up front. There are plenty of consumers who are in the market for well-worn, affordable vehicles, so it’s best for everybody to be honest and straightforward.

Vivid Video. “They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but that was before Youtube,” Nagy joked. “Videos of inventory are another great way to enhance a consumer experience and get them enthralled by your merchandise before they even arrive at the dealership.” Video drives highly targeted traffic.  The more they know before they arrive, the easier your job is when they get here.

Business Online. Even with a sexy website, buying a car today remains a fairly tedious process. Being able to transact as much of the buying process online as possible is becoming a reality now. Finally, it is possible for the consumer to get a quote for a specific vehicle, get a precise value for their trade, complete a credit application and apply everything to the customized quote – leaving only the last step for the dealer to close and transact the deal via the standard process – shortening the process from half a day to less than 1 hour. Let your dealer website do the work- make sure you offer as many online capabilities as possible so that when a customer walks into the showroom, all you have to do is close the deal.

We hope you enjoyed this four-part series on Creating a Sexy Dealer Website. In case you missed them, here is part one, part two and part three. We’ve certainly enjoyed chatting with all of you and hearing your comments and insights, so if you didn’t get a question answered, don’t be shy; sound off in the comments below!

Paul Nagy is Vice President of Core Products ADP Digital Marketing (formerly The Cobalt Group). Nagy brings over 12 years of technology management experience to the role, including senior management positions at Apple, Metreo, and Selectica. When he’s not crunching technical problems, Nagy enjoys fly-fishing in the great outdoors.

Andy Largent is a Senior Product Manager at ADP Digital Marketing, where he works on the core website platform and services.  With 10 years of automotive website expertise, Andy uses his experience to build high-performing solutions for dealer, dealer group, and OEM customers. Andy hopes to turn the hundreds of pictures of his kids into an amateur photography sideline someday. Until then, his favorite new social media/photo app is Instagram.

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