Cobalt Profiled in the Northwest Asian Weekly

Are Cobaltians a Match for Amazonian Appetites?

In case you missed it, Cobalt CEO John Holt was just interviewed in the local Seattle newspaper Northwest Asian Weekly, in an article about the International District.

In the article, Holt describes the reasons for moving Cobalt’s headquarters to its new location at 605 Union Station: having everyone under one roof, fabulous views, excellent access to public transportation…and food.

“In the part of SODO we were in, there just weren’t a lot of places to eat at. There weren’t a lot of other services — haircut, dry cleaning, post office. Here we are in a more urban environment, and there are just more services locally,” said Holt.

“Our food choices have expanded dramatically. Uwajimaya is across the street. Wonderful stuff. Culturally, it’s much more expansive,” added Holt.

The article goes on to mention the recent move of out of the ID, and wonder if Cobalt employees can supply the business the local merchants there are used to.

Stephen Allen, a very hungry Cobalt Software Engineer.

By way of answer, we give you Cobalt Software Engineer Stephen Allen, and what he describes as a “personal quest to eat everything in the International District.”

So far he’s tried a curry lunch at Thai Curry Simple across the street, Battambang Favorite Noodle at Phnom Penh Noodle House, and perhaps his favorite so far, a spicy Sichuan Boil Fish at Sichuan Cuisine.  And he’s not stopping there.

He, and 800-some other Cobalt employees like him, are already starting to discover the delights of Seattle’s International District and the new options available to us there.  Can we fill the void left by those who came before us?  Only time will tell – but we’re sure gonna give it a shot.

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Cobalt Wins DrivingSales Awards for “Excellent Results”

Speech! Speech!  Left, our own Karin Anderson, Director of Product Marketing at The Cobalt Group, is thrilled to receive a DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction “Top Rated” award on behalf of the company from CEO Jared Hamilton at NADA 2011. She must have been up there awhile: The Cobalt Group took home awards in not one but two categories: Top Rated Owner Marketing (Email Marketing) and Top-Rated Websites. Thank you to all the dealers who voted for us in this review-based contest.  Needless to say, awards from our own customers mean the most.

Thank you also to the fabulous Cobalt team who creates such competitive offerings! Read the whole Cobalt DrivingSales Award story here.

Smells like Team Spirit: NADA 2011 Super Bowl Party Pictures

While industry collaboration kept things humming at NADA 2011, the Cobalt team found time for team spirit of a different variety. Check out a photo montage of the very swanky NADA 2011 Super Bowl Party, held at the San Francisco Design Center. Yummy food, packed bars, three-floors of big-screen TVs, and a halftime show by the San Francisco Cheerleading Squad were just a few highlights of the big event. Nice!

Our Cobalt Crew circulating at the NADA 2011 Super Bowl Party.

Spotted: Two NADA Attendees Smiling Bright

Live from NADA, it’s our very own Alyson Sharron, Product Marketing Manager of Advertising, and Karin Anderson, Director of Product Marketing striking a pose in front of the ADP Digital Marketing booth. Lookin’ sharp, ladies!

ADP Digital Marketing Group's Alyson Sharron and Karin Anderson smiling bright at NADA.


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