A Cobalt Christmas Carol

New Home for the Holidays

‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve, and all through the (Ice) House, the Cobaltians are gathering for one last carouse! Boxes are packed with the frenetic energy of last-minute preparations. Lists are checked and re-checked. Excitement is all around. It’s that time of year at Cobalt’s Seattle office. Time to move to our new headquarters!

In the last days before Christmas, all of Seattle’s Cobalt employees are making preparations, taking their things home or packing them into crates to be trucked to the new office at 605 Union Square. Today, Dec. 23 marks our last day in what has been the  Cobalt headquarters since 2000.  The actual move will happen on Monday the 27th, and all the Seattle employees will step into their first official day in the new building on Tuesday, December 28, with their things waiting for them like Christmas presents waiting to be opened.

Who needs Amazon? Cobalt’s Got Your Christmas Gifts Covered!

Meanwhile, some savvy souls have realized the Great Cobalt Move is a prime opportunity to Christmas shop for hidden treasures. “I was able to take care of everyone on my Christmas list this year, with pre-move throwaways from people clearing out their cubicles,” said CM Piper, a Project Manager for the HR team, who also found other entrepreneurial opportunities with the move.  “For those people I had to buy for, I was able to earn some extra cash at the office by packing up my colleague’s desks.”

The Ultimate GingerBread Competition

Many have also taken time out to recognize the holiday traditions. Seattle’s IFS team and the Services team in Lynnwood both held gingerbread house competitions. Entries included a car dealership, a melting-on-the-scene “First Day of Spring” house, and even a sweet replica of the new headquarters.

Everything but the Partridge and the Pear Tree

What does 10 years in the same building accumulate? Just a glance over the “free stuff” tables over the last couple days revealed quite the collection – some to be expected, and some…not so much:

  • Inflatable pink flamingoes
  • A Viking Helmet (above)
  • Beach balls
  • Nerf guns
  • Coffee cups
  • Water bottles
  • Desk lamps
  • A fog machine
  • A black light lamp
  • Champagne bottles
  • Many, many pens
  • A giant martini glass (seriously, this thing could be a Big Gulp)
  • Cobalt shirts
  • Cans of soup
  • Teddy bears
  • Halloween decorations
  • Christmas ribbons and bows
  • And more!

Clever Cobalter Tip: “Inflatable Pink Flamingoes” might make an excellent band name, if anyone’s looking for one. Our gift to the nameless bands of the world!

However you slice it, it’s an exciting time at Cobalt. The holiday spirit is in the air – along with lots of packing material. But as bubble wrap and packing tape make way for holiday wrapping and ribbons, don’t forget one very cool holiday gift: a new building to work in!  Be sure to come back for the first impressions of our new space!

Everyone at Cobalt wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays!

The Cobalt Group

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