How about a cup of coffee during working on your SEO? CAFFEINEATED by Google

Google’s Caffeine Updated

No, no – this is no misspelling. Caffeine is indeed a term we know well in the world of SEO. On June 8th Google launched their update to Caffeine, their web indexing system, and it’s is giving some people the jitters. 

We, the Internet Managers, e-Commerce Directors, Dealers and SEO guys, creating optimal search engine results for our dealer pages, don’t like the idea of updates that require us to shifting established algorithms, which could result in a rankings change for our sites. Caffeine and other such updates are often released without warning and hence, without any preparation time.

According to the Department of Searchology, our Google Caffeine jitters should be minimal. The Department points out that Caffeine in general is NOT an algorithm update. Rankings will not be directly affected by these changes. What changes however is how fast Google can crawl through the indexed information and the amount of data that can be stored in its index at once.

How did it work before Caffeine was introduced?

  • Robots, a.k.a GOOGLEBOTS, crawled sites and pulled all scraped information into the Google indexes.
  • This newly indexed information was then processed through algorithms to determine which rank the pages would be rewarded based on the particular keywords.
  • After these data were processed, the updated index was then pushed out to hundreds of data centers in clusters, which took approximately three months to have rankings updated.

With the newest Google Caffeine update the indexing process will push the indexed information to the data centers almost instantly. Webpage updates are at the data centers more quickly. A further advantage of Google Caffeine is the increase of the storage capability. Due to more involved webmasters and SEO firms, user-generated content has skyrocket over the years, leaving Google scrambling to index larger quantities of data.  Google Caffeine is now able to index basics like a new web page or credit attributions for inbound links. The attribution model did not change with this update and Google will be able to store more information for a much longer time

Is action required?

As I stated above, Caffeine’s update is not algorithm based therefore there is no SERP benefit and at this point doesn’t require you to modify your SEO strategy.  Your site updates will process and show results much faster than before. Due to the increased storage capabilities the value of smart optimizations will increase as well. Google will have a better view and idea of connectivity’s in regards to in- and out-bound links.

As it turns out, a little Caffeine is good – even for your nerves.  

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Playing in the Big Leagues

It was an unseasonably cool June evening, and in the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle, the crowd was growing restless. Performers from Cirque du Soleil wandered the room as old friends met and new ones were made. Soon John Curley was warming up the crowd. Then Jack Zduriencik, general manager of the Seattle Mariners, was talking about baseball and business.

The event was Seattle Business Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For 2010,” baseball was the theme of the evening, and Cobalt was one of the honorees present.

Zduriencik described a difficult season for the Mariners and a difficult year for business. No need to tell Cobalt about that. The economic downturn was felt keenly for anyone in the automotive space, and Cobalt was no exception.

Zduriencik also spoke fondly of someone he admires who, even at 78 years old, follows a simple mantra: “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.”

It’s good advice. Even through the rough times, Cobalt stuck to what it does best. That includes treating employees well, thinking around corners, and stopping once in a while to play just as hard as we work.

All nominated companies went through a three-step judging process: a formal nomination phase, an independent analysis by a research firm that compiles and analyzes data from an employee survey, and finally, a selection of the winners by a panel of distinguished judges. Honorees in 2010 were split into four distinct categories: nonprofit, small, medium and large size companies.

At the end of the night, Cobalt was chosen as the second place winner in the Large Companies category. Other finalists named in the same category included PAML and Columbia Bank.

Nicole Walker from Cobalt Services, Keith Zackrone and Deepak Goindwani from Technology, along with the rest of the Cobalt team at the Westin dinner table were thrilled to hear that Cobalt was a finalist.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized by employees and objective business leaders as one of the best workplaces in the state,” said Cobalt’s VP of Human Resources Julia Pizzi, who accepted Cobalt’s award. “Knowing that Cobalt employees are confident in and happy about the work culture that has been created at the company reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to our workplace values – transparency, dedication to employee career mastery and workplace health. Those are values that make a difference in good times or bad.”

To add to Pizzi’s comments, CEO John Holt said in a message to the company, “To say we couldn’t have done this without you is a bit obvious, but it’s true.” “This gives us lots of feedback about the things we’re doing right and the things we need to improve.”

It just goes to show that the mantra is true, and it works for good business just as well as it does for baseball. No matter what life throws at you, don’t give up.

Never give up.

The Cobalt Group

The Cobalt Group