Cobalt Keeps on Giving

Back in December, Cobalt employees gave time, money and gifts to several local Northwest charities, including Northwest Harvest, Treehouse, and Childhaven. Cobalt matched employee donations and made a donation of its own, and in the end $16,000 was given to both Childhaven and Treehouse along with donations of gifts for children for the holiday season.

Normally Cobalt focuses on local charities for giving, but in January events took a different turn. Everyone at Cobalt has seen, along with the rest of the world, the devastation in Haiti. On January 13th, Cobalt CEO John Holt announced that Cobalt would be making a donation of $2,500 to the Red Cross specifically for the Haiti relief efforts.

“It is unbelievable that such an awful thing has happened to a population that already lives in such difficult conditions,” said Holt, followed by an offer to match employee donations up to an additional $2,500.

The response was immediate. By January 15th, two days after the initial announcement, Cobalt increased the donation match amount to $5,000. One week later, on the 22nd, Holt sent a follow-up announcement: “The Cobalt community has been very supportive. Thank you. The tragedy is still building and the restoration efforts will be long and tortuous.” Cobalt employees had already “blown away” both initial donation targets and the new match amount was set at $10,000.

As of January 26th, Cobalt employees have also surpassed the $10,000 goal. Included in that amount is one employee who alone contributed $1,000 and another whose children contributed a jar full of coins collected over time from their allowance.

This means that Cobalt and Cobalt employees will together be making donations of over $22,500 to the relief efforts in Haiti. From an effort that started with modest goals, it has grown as the need has grown.

Cobalt chose to give to the Red Cross in this case because they are reputable; and more importantly, they have the scale to deal with a large disaster. We also encourage any efforts for the people of Haiti. In the words of CEO John Holt, whatever you can do, “the important thing is to give.”

The Cobalt Group

The Cobalt Group